Summer in code

It’s been long since I have blogged.

I played with a lot of code this summer. While most of my works are on the go to becoming startups, I also did some passtime code work. Here is a list of the ones that interested me the most –

1. Shrink – It is a lite URL shortener, that has damn simple style, and is rich in functionality. Shortens URLs fast with on-the-page shortening, stats, QR code generation, auto further redirection and more. Read the Features section for more details. Make an account and get the URL listing feature.

2. WordIt – A JavaScript app that displays character-related stats.

3. Tiper – Tiper is a Javascript based web app that types out the text input.

4. Inliner – Inliner is a web app that arranges your text input into one single line.

5. Reverzer – Reverzer is a web app that reverses your text input.


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