Long time no see

The last time I wrote on this blog, I was 16. I’m 18 now, and everything has changed. Long time indeed.

I was a just-started web developer back then, who loved learning new things, one who hated shortcuts a little too much, and someone who thought designing stuff was easy, the backend is God. The better-working something is, backend-wise, the more worthy it is. Back then, I won’t mind spending a whole day making something that would take fifteen minutes, had I used the right tools.

Two years in, I have learnt (and changed) a lot. Though I still believe that the purpose or motive, of a piece of software is important, my mindset towards the user interface design has changed for the better. I now believe that however hard you work on your app, it won’t appeal to an audience unless you design it really well. Who else do you built for, other than the users? And design doesn’t just mean using subtle colors, or eye-catching effects. It also includes arranging different elements in the right fashion and the most user-friendly way of doing things. Yes, design is how it works (Jobs).

And about hating shortcuts, I still believe in understanding the core basics of languages I use the most, I love knowing how things work, but I use (and create) libraries whenever I need them. To build something good as quickly as possible, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal. If you don’t use available tools to make your work better, it’s an abuse to the fellow developer who made it as well. So, use what you can. Developers from around the world who faced a similar situation like yours built something a while ago, and open-sourced it, so that you can solve your problems too. That’s pretty awesome. Use.

I now utilize a proper build system and workflow to build web apps. I can now build web apps in Nodejs, Python, PHP, Meteor (oh I love Meteor), Angular, et al, I use Grunt for running my tasks like JS linting and Uglifying code, Yeoman or Grunt-init for scaffolding, Git for version control, JS frameworks like jQuery, Dojo etc., and a whole lot of other tools to make my life simpler.

I recently installed Ubuntu, and I now use it as my primary working OS. Things are just a lot simpler now. Linux is meant for developers, after all. I love writing shell scripts, especially to simplify mundane work (I’ve written a couple of useful scripts to avoid writing too many Git commands after every small source change).

I’ll be going to college at MEC, Kochi, Kerala. I’ll be pursuing BTech in CS.

PS: In the past, I’ve written a lot of JS posts. Today, most of them are either under-developed or contain obsolete code. I’m planning to keep them, just to remind myself of how much has really changed.


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